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A Temple of Love

A Portal to the Orgasm of the Soul

A Gateway to Freedom and Healing through Art & Magic

logo Magdala Temple

Magdala Temple, by Nomadic Goddess, is an Age of Aquarius project to help women and men connect to their SOUL, TRUTH, MAGIC, PLEASURE and SPIRITUALITY and set themselves FREE, healing through DANCE, TAROT, DIVINE FEMININE, RITUALS & SACRED SEXUALITY. 

Fabiana Gaya


A call to go BEYOND 

marca Fabiana Gaya

A soul experience to expand the Freedom of being beyond frontiers.  

An eternal metamorphosis beyond time and space. 

A nomadic way of living beyond categories and fixed rules.

A life beyond normality.

A tool for growth and transformation beyond limited structures.

A reminder to believe that everything is possible.

An invitation to do what makes your heart vibrate.

A road map to the infinite.

A free spirit.

A soul yearning for constant change. A cyclical woman, on the path to empowerment, to finding her truth, on a quest for spiritual evolution, searching, dancing, diving into the unknown, going through rivers and flames.

Connecting to the stars and to Mother Earth. Believing in Magic. Burning, falling, crawling, transforming, blossoming and flying.

As a butterfly. A nomad. A goddess.

Magdala Temple



What if being a whore were holy?
These are times of deconstruction. Structures are collapsing.

The revolution is the FEMININE.

The future is NOMADIC.
In the process of giving birth to myself.
Free, Whore and Holy
To all the FREE souls on this JOURNEY
May we follow on the path towards the STARS
May we SURRENDER to PLEASURE and PURPOSE in our lives
May we let or Sun SHINE
Nomadism sets us FREE
May Magdalene guide us. May Sarah be with us.
For the FREEDOM of being


rosa vermelha

MAGDALA - The Sacred Prostitute Oracle

What if Being a Whore Were Holy?

MAGDALA - The Sacred Prostitute Oracle is a soul calling. A new era project to reclaim the force of sacred sexuality, deconstruct patriarchal rules and patterns and retell a story full of guilt and shame starting from the essence of Freedom and Love. 

Magdala - Freedom Manifesto is an artistic creation inspired by the Goddess, born as a dance performance. It is a project aligned with the soul mission and the purpose to free our being from so many physical, mental and emotional blockages and prisons.

One of the performance petals, "The Sacred Prostitute", brings the archetype of the sexuality goddesses and priestesses of Ancient Babylon and Egypt, embodied in the figure of Mary Magdalene, to break prejudice and challenge beliefs rooted in our

society with regards tothe role of the woman

and to the "sin" of sexuality.

The goal is to look at sexuality as sacred. Remember and reclaim the sexual union rituals

as divine, where love, freedom and magic go hand in hand with the life force of

 sexual energy ecstasy.

Joining art with spirituality has been my nomadic walk of life, blessed by the gypsy

energies that guide my work with tarot and oracle card reading. 

Such art and magic have decided to come together and birth an oracle deck, which reflects such journey, in order to build a new reality, where the sacred and sexuality stop existing as a dual set of opposites, and start to be seen together, united for the FREEDOM of being. 

The oracle deck brings such essence, translated into 44 cards, organised by themes, with 7 main goddesses and 4 portals, 13 sacred cards serving as a base for the other 33 cards, which honour the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and sacred union. Aligned to such sacred sexuality energies, the cards turn into a guiding instrument for those free souls who may want to explore mystery, connect to it and dive into the bliss of its depths.


A Soul Journey on the Priestess Path

to Infinity and Beyond




Sacred pleasure

My dance my prayer

Nomadic goddess dance

Free your pleasure

Oracle magic

Sacred union


Moon healing and magic

Magdala studies

Magdalene ritualistic journey

Heart nomadic journey

Magdala goddess journey

Orgasm of the soul

Magdala priestess initiation


Magdalene priestess services

Oracle card reading

Magdala apresentacion

"The EARTH is my home, the SKY is my ceiling and FREEDOM is my religion".                 

Gypsy saying

Fabiana Gaya

Mystic FREE spirit, artist and holistic healer,

a nomadic being on a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY

of ART & MAGIC, ritualizing life through Dance, Oracle Cards, Divine Feminine and Sacred Sexuality.

SOUL Priestess, believing in the power of the Goddess, the energies of Nature and the sacred pleasure of the Body as a path


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