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A journey between art and sexuality to reclaim your pleasure and feminine power, without any shame or guilt, completely FREE and SOVEREIGN.

A workshop to dive into Sacred Sexuality, uncovering our sexual energy, which is our greatest life force. Based on the pillars of Magic, Healing, Freedom and Pleasure, this workshop will awaken your body energy and sensibility through dance, breathing, touch

and meditation.

The oracle magic enters to support the process of self-discovery and to unveil the mystery, so present in our healing and pleasure process. The objective is to free our being, beyond guilt and shame, allowing it to express all of its orgasmic power so that it can vibrate in our life.


A Dance beyond Frontiers

Fabiana Eramo NomadicGoddess dance.jpg

A dance that wishes to go beyond “types” and categories. It is a free, holistic dance.

It is your dance. I call it Nomadic Dance, with the idea of breaking borders and moving freely through bodies and cultures. I have my references of beautiful, rich traditional dances, from Afro- Brazilian to Arabic dances, from samba to gipsy dance and Tribal Fusion.

But what matters is YOUR way of moving and expressing. It is more about energy than technique.

It is about feeling the universal archetypes of women and goddesses and feeling the energy of the elements of nature inside of you, coming out through your body and soul.


Sacred Union.jpeg

An encounter between the feminine and masculine within. A sacred merging of forces 

and energies, of the Sun and the Moon,

of the two serpents welcoming, honouring and recognising each other, without competition, integrated in full balance and harmony to create

a new reality of love within us

and in the outside world.


Ritual dance & magic

My dance my prayer.jpeg

Dance is a prayer.

A divine way to connect  to your body.

Movement as ritual, an act of devotion to

yourself and to the Goddesses that are with you.

A free dance in full presence with rhythm,

breath, form.

A body prayer - Present. Vibrant. Alive.


Pelvic Dance for Women

Free your pleasure.jpeg

Our pelvis moves the world. It is a life-generating part of our body - imagine what it can do to our vitality if we activate it!!

Decolonizing our bodies, which were conditioned

and blocked by guilt and shame of the patriarchy,

let us loosen the pelvis, shake our booties and

connect to our vibrant and potent energy!



An introductory workshop to unveil the mystery behind oracular cards, introducing concepts, symbols and archetypes of these multiple instruments that can be used as a tool for self discovery and guidance, to dive into subtle realms as well as our unconscious and the

reality around us.

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