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Magdala - The Sacred Prostitute Oracle

Magdala - The Sacred Prostitute Oracle

SKU: 364215376135191

Joining art with spirituality has been my nomadic walk of life, blessed by the gypsy energies that guide my work with tarot and oracle card reading.

Such art and magic have decided to come together and birth an oracle deck, which reflects such journey, in order to build a new reality, where the sacred and sexuality stop existing as a dual set of opposites, and start to be seen together, united for the FREEDOM of being.


    The oracle deck brings such essence, translated into 44 cards, organised by themes, with 7 main goddesses and 4 pillars, 13 sacred cards serving as a base for the other 33 cards, which honour the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and sacred union. Aligned to such sacred sexuality energies, the cards turn into a guiding instrument for those free souls who may want to explore mystery, connect to it and dive into the bliss of its depths. 




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